The power of conversation, curiosity, connection, and common goals of helping others navigate the second half of life brought us into collaborative relationship in writing a book and pulling our expertise together in a creative, fun project for the common good.”

— Eileen Caroscio, Sandy Demarest, and Paul Ward

Development Story Of The Book

The origins of Midlife, New Life can be traced back to Marika and Howard Stone and their groundbreaking book Too Young to Retire: 101 Ways to Start the Rest of Your Life, first published in 2003. Although Midlife, New Life is a very different book from theirs, we are grateful for the early inspiration of these two pioneering Purpose Prize fellows. Paul is the principal owner of 2Young2Retire, LLC, and the authors of Midlife, New Life are all graduates of the 2Young2Retire facilitator certification program.

Paul invited Eileen and Sandy to join him on this book writing journey. Together they developed a vision, mission, and purpose for the book and enjoyed a wonderful collaborative book writing journey.

About The Authors

Learn more about their individual expertise as coaches, workshop facilitators, and thought leaders.

Eileen Caroscio, CSC, RN, MSN

Passageways Coaching

Eileen is a multi certified coach, consultant, and a registered nurse. She is passionate about helping individuals to achieve their goals and live their best life. Referred to as the “midlife muse,” she engages you beyond your titles, jobs, and formalities to get to the core of what will enrich your midlife, making it more meaningful and magical.

Sandy Demarest

Demarest Directions

Sandy is an executive career, retirement lifestyle, and leadership coach, trainer, and speaker who leverages her experience to help organizations and mid-late-stage worker transition to new chapters. She specializes in training and coaching programs focusing on Engage as You Age, From Fulltime Career to Fulltime Life, and Create Your Next Meaningful Chapter. Sandy is the founder and owner of Demarest Directions providing coaching, training, and retreats.

Paul Ward, Ph.D.

2Young2Retire, LLC

Paul is an international conscious leadership and conscious living coach, author of The Inner Journey to Conscious Leadership, and a host of conscious conversation circles. He is sometimes referred to as the consciousness whisperer. Paul is the principal owner of the coaching, consulting, and training company 2Young2Retire, LLC, offering impactful transitions coaching and facilitator certification training.

If you’re eager to embrace the change, challenges and glee of your next chapter, Midlife, New Life is a must-read. This guide smoothly glides you through the prosaic and practical, from money matters to mindful meditation, to help you discover ways to reach for the stars and find dreams that will help you get there. You will be inspired to intentionally steer your path and find meaning in who you are and what you do, and in those whose lives you touch.” 

–Kerry Hannon, workplace futurist, bestselling author of In Control at 50+: How to Succeed in the New World of work and senior columnist at Yahoo Finance