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Midlife is a time for adventures and wonderful, new opportunities, but it can also be a time of uncertainty and challenges. Do you have questions about what lies ahead and how to make the most of the good things to come and meet the difficult challenges head on?

This new book, Midlife, New Life: Living Consciously in MidLife and Beyond, will provide answers to some of your questions about preparing for the many challenges you are likely to face in the  second half of life. To download a sample chapter, visit the Resources page.

Eileen Caroscio, Sandy Demarest, and Paul Ward provide a valuable approach to help you create a new vision for this new life chapter. It is with fondness for this exciting time in life—and for the writers— that I recommend reading Midlife, New Life. It will help you turn over some new leaves in your life—just like the book cover’s image—and vibrantly grow and glow into this exciting new stage of life.

— Chip Conley, founder of the Modern Elder Academy

If we adopt a living consciously approach to the future, decisions about major life and work transitions can be made with confidence. The Midlife, New Life team brings their expertise, experiences, research findings, and wisdom to bear in this engaging, friendly, and comprehensive guide. They share life lessons and insights and provide practical tools and resources to help you plan and prepare for your journey. Their guidance will help you find meaning and purpose, stay engaged and healthy, support your cognitive functioning, enhance your support network, work for a living and for fulfillment, savor the world, and give back.

This transformative book will—

  • inspire, educate, and encourage you about what to expect and how to optimally approach midlife for a fulfilling life journey 
  • provide strategies and purposeful practices to support life and work transitions
  • share wisdom from those who have walked the road ahead
  • encourage you to reflect on what tips and resources (not just financial ones) resonate with you and which ones you want to try

Each chapter in the book, Midlife, New Life, concludes with five questions for reflection. To download a document containing these 55 questions, please sign up here.

Midlife, New Life showcases what can happen when we talk to each other and have purposeful conversations that matter. Coming together, convening conversation, and sharing wisdom is part of the philosophy of this valuable book’s authors. 

The Conscious Living Wheel

Our Conscious Living Wheel provides a visual framework for the book and is our way of structuring the essential aspects of living consciously. Each ellipse represents a chapter in the book.

Exploring Purposefully

Finding meaning and purpose for how to live your life more consciously.

Living Well

How to nurture your mind and body, enhance your mental and physical health, and create a personal health resource plan for living well in the second half of life.

Appreciating Money

How to become more conscious about money: making it, saving it, managing it, spending it, and leaving it behind.

Working for a Living &
Working for a Fulfillment

How we need to reimagine our working lives and the possibility of encore careers, entrepreneurial ventures, and volunteer activities.

Savoring the World

Pausing to savor and appreciate the different elements of our beautiful world and making conscious choices about where to live and where to visit.

Living Life Creatively

The value of consciously living life with imagination, curiosity, courage, and cheer as an attitude and a way of life, and how to develop our creative potential with mindsets and practices, processes and skills, and pathways and plans.

Minding Relationships

How our relationships with spouse or life partner and with close and extended families evolve over time.

Helping Humanity

How we can contribute to making the world a better place to live and work with attention to environmental sustainability, social responsibility, and leadership in governments and business.

Living with Technology

Exploring how technology impacts how we live more consciously.

Bouncing Forward

Mindsets and practices to help build your resilience muscle to help you prepare for the path ahead and bounce forward into a more positive future.

Midlife, New Life emerges as a guiding light—a beacon of wisdom and inspiration for those standing at the crossroads of their journey through life. The authors have provided a user-friendly framework for navigating a challenging transition, resulting in a rewarding and fulfilling life.”

— David Shriner-Cahn, founder, Smashing the Plateau

Midlife, New Life is a wise and inspiring guide to living consciously for the rest of your life. It shows you it’s possible to build a life that really does get better with age.” 

— Richard Leider, international best-selling author of The Power of Purpose, Repacking Your Bags, and Who Do You Want to Be When You Grow Old?